skinfix - herbal skin moisturiser, 50mL airless pump
skinfix - herbal skin moisturiser, 50mL airless pump

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extreme moisturiser
  • Skinfix moisturiser is the herbal “solution” to your dry skin. It will keep your skin moist, supple and alive in the driest environment. 
    Skinfix moisturiser will help protect your skin from the harsh environment. 
    Skinfix moisturiser when applied, will create a barrier on your skin and stop the outside nasty elements from getting in through an already dry and permeable layer which may cause itchiness or irritations but also will keep your natural oils from escaping. 
    Skinfix moisturiser will retain the so important moisture in the outermost layer of the skin, helping the skin to function as it’s meant to. 
    Skinfix moisturiser was formulated for all skin types, including the over sensitive skin. 
    Skinfix moisturiser won’t clog pores and is  free of fragrant oils which may create discomfort for some people with oversensitive skin.